House Mistresses

Resident House Dominants

Our House Dominants are available for bookings at Barnet Bastille – please be sure to read about them before making booking enquiries.

Each has their own style, interests, experience, and availability and should be contacted via their respective websites for further details.

Miss Kitty Bliss

Sinner, Sadist, Siren…

Beautiful, flame haired sadistic Domina who loves a multitude of BDSM and fetish activities. 

Novice or veteran to the arts of BDSM, Miss Kitty Bliss will take you on a journey of the senses.

She shows particular enjoyment when pushing your limits combining physical and psyshological elements to test your mind and body.

Discover and explore your desires, fears, fantasies.

07784 555069

Follow on Twitter @MIss_KittyBliss

Goddess Zeena

Strong, Sexy, Amazonian Dominatrix

In this realm you can experience the exquisite, sadistic skills of a true high class elegant dominatrix, Goddess Zeena of Herts & London.

Physically strong standing 5 ft 11 naturally without heels with experience in Beat downs, boxing, wrestling. Mentally strong with a strong firm family background of dominant ladies growing into a lifestyle dominatrix with over 4 years experience.

Using her beauty and devious bratty ways she thrives off humiliation with group girl sessions/parties and exclusive Twin Domination with her stunning twin sister Humiliatrix Heather.

She will have any potential slave who dare enters her dungeon wrapped around her finger and moulded into her perfect obedient submissive.

07481 537012

Follow on Twitter @TwinDomination

Goddess Asha

Exotic & Entrancing

Asian Enchantress who will capture your mind, body and soul taking you to places you never thought possible. Fall under Her spell as you become lost in Her gaze and willingly submit yourself to Her.

07810 407017

Follow on Twitter @GoddessAsha

Miss Harpsichord

A Young, Classic Beauty

Miss Harpsichord loves to worshipped, adored and obeyed. Enjoys finding and exploiting your weaknesses, whether it be through physical punishment, psychological torment or teasing you with her sexuality.

Loves to "break-in" beginners and test the limits of the experienced. She will make you her plaything.

Follow on Twitter @MissHarpsichord